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Industrial Coatings
PercoTop® paint systems for industrial applications
PercoTop® is a flexible and superior solvent-based coatings system to address the specific painting needs of architecture and general industry.
Do you paint architectural objects?
PercoTop® is the perfect choice for PVC window frames, sandwich panels for frontdoors and garage doors, profiles and sheets, design furniture and lighting.
The PercoTop® range offers solutions for nearly every job and addresses the needs of powder coaters who require a low-bake coating system for temperature-sensitive substrates while offering a perfect match in colour and appearance. PercoTop® can match the colour and effect of powder coated parts, even the fine textured and metallic colours.
Are you a general industry applicator?
PercoTop® meets all industrial finishing requirements: indoor and outdoor industrial machinery, construction and agricultural equipment, bicycles, urban and kitchen furniture, frames and covers for advertising, extinguishers and hydraulic pumps, HVAC equipment, fences, lighting poles and any other industrial application.
PercoTop® stands for:
Flexibility in paint technology 
Industrial applicators require specific coating properties on different ranges of substrates. PercoTop® has products for all types of applications.
Besides an extensive range of topcoat qualities, a series of well-matched priming materials will ensure excellent adhesion, outstanding corrosion protection and optimum surface finish on the widest possible range of substrates.
Flexibility in quantities 
Thanks to the modular system, colours can be mixed locally or purchased from your distributor in quantities from 1 litre.
Flexibility in colour 
When someone asks, what colours do you have? We answer “any colour”.
All colours are or can be made available by your distributor who can just mix them as they are needed.
Flexibility in time
With PercoTop® you can finish any job quickly and easily.
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