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Powder Coatings
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CoatingSolutions Data Sheets

The Technical Data Sheets are available for the paint business and designed for professional applicators only! The files provide you with a detailed product description, application guidelines and helpful tips.
Liquid Coatings Data Sheets
Liquid Coatings
Click here to access Technical and Safety data sheets
for PercoTop® and e-coats.
Colour Formulas and Data Sheets for Imron® Marine Finishes
Click here to access Colour Formulas, Technical- and Safety data sheets for Imron® Marine Finishes.
Powder Coatings Data Sheets
Powder Coatings
Click here to access the Technical data sheets
for Alesta® and Teodur®

In order to open the data files you need Adobe Reader. If the software is not installed on your computer you can download it here: Adobe Acrobat Reader.
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