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Specialist coatings for a demanding sector

White goods such as refrigerators, washing machines and dishwashers are usually finished with epoxy-polyester coatings in high-gloss shades of white. However, the standards for the aesthetic quality of the finishes along with the demand for various colours and special effects are continuously increasing. Axalta Coating Systems develops tailor-made products and product systems in order to meet this rising market demand.

There are very particular issues in this market sector. Take for example, the corrosion protection standards for the interior coatings of a washing machine, which are very demanding. We have developed a special primer based on a polyester resin just for this purpose. This white primer features excellent scattering power and assures a constant film thickness that protects the inside of white goods against corrosion. Additional treatment is required for the exterior of appliances. A final coat – either Alesta® powder coating or wet paint finish with PercoTop® – guarantees the desired end result: colour, gloss, texture and protection against mechanical and chemical influences. Thanks to harmonised product systems from Axalta Coating Systems, optimum results are consistently achieved.

Please contact us directly if you would like more information on epoxy-polyester coatings.
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